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This post is dedicated to my special friend Carola in Germany.

She loves the beach and the ocean as much as I do and we are both “mad” collectors of all sorts of items you can find on a beach: shells, rocks, glass and wood bits with round edges, ropes and buoys, just anything the ocean washes onto the beach.

Beside my large shell collection I found last winter an old buoy with some rope washed up on Scarborough beach. Of course I took it home to use it as decoration in my garden. I hung it up on my fence.

A couple of weeks ago I had a knock on the door and my friend Ross was holding up a rope with two buoys attached. One of he buoys is huge, the other one smaller and quite covered with shells. There are even shells that cling to the rope.

Ross was on a long beach walk and found it. Since he remembered my decoration in my garden, he thought I would like this too.
I was very happy to get this addition to my collection of beach items. I have also hung it up on my fence.


I hope I will find lots more objects in the future.


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