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Last year in July 2010 I started the “A card a day” project:

Early July I had a couple of friends from volleyball over for a card making day. They were all new to card making and I showed them what to do. But the problem was, that I had hardly time to do a card myself.

The following morning I took my breakfast to my craft table and decided to finish the card I had started the day before and suddenly I had this idea of creating a card a day!

From that day onwards, I had my breakfast on my craft table instead of sitting in front of the computer. I made it through to Christmas without missing a day. After the xmas break I still tried to do it, but sometimes work was just too busy or I had an early appointment.

I still do it quite regular, sometimes a couple of days in a row, then some days no cards at all. On average I think I am creating at least 3-4 cards a week.

It feels great to start the day with something I really enjoy and love. Sometimes I really have to force myself to get up from my craft table and switch to my computer desk. I am sure there will be the day coming where I decide on the spur of the moment to continue doing cards and ignore my work for a day.

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