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Remember that I recently mentioned in a blog that I am working on a project I can’t share yet? Well, I can share it now: It is a special journal/diary and it was a birthday present for my dear friend Vada.

The idea of creating a journal/diary is again from the Internet, but it worked out to be completely different to what I had seen.

I selected various patterned 30x30cm (12×12″) papers, cut them in half and then folded each in half as base. So each page was 15x15cm (6×6″). I decided to fold the pages, as it gives a much nicer edge and it will avoid white pages on the back.

I then matched a number of other “papers” in between: Clear embossed plastic sheets, patterned transparency, envelopes and nice pictures from old calendars. – I simply can’t throw anything away that consists of paper and could be re-used in any way in my craft. I even have collected various designs of tissue boxes, nice napkins and paper bits and pieces, as long as it catches my eye before it wonders into the rubbish.

Once all the papers were selected and the order arranged I started decorating the pages. I wanted to add just a little bit on the various pages as inspiration. I used lots of sayings in form of stamps and rub-ons and added a little decoration on the more plain pages.

For the front and back cover I used a thicker card board and cut it 6 mm larger as the pages are. I inked the edges with brown distressing ink and then covered the card board with a 30x15cm patterned paper strip folded in half.

At the end I just had to hole punch and bind all the pages and I had my special journal/diary.


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