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Three weeks after I said “half way there” I have progressed a lot and I think I have hit the last quarter of photos of the Kimberley trip. It seems to be dragging on forever, but when I just took the photos I noted, that I had done a lot of pages in the last three weeks.

Given the fact, that I am at the moment also heavily addicted to a series of novels from the author Lee Child, which means I am also reading a lot, I can be quite happy about my progress.

I started around end of April with the first “Jack Reacher” novel and have been hooked since. It was a recommendation from Ben and he also provided the first three novels to me. I went through quite quickly, but by the time I asked for some more books, they had packed them already away in readiness for moving! Bugger! But then I remembered, that I had a lot of eBooks and maybe there is one included in there? Of course I checked my iPad immediately and found the first 15 novels from a total of 19 novels on my iPad. YEAH!

By now I am already at the 10th novel. For me these are books I simply can’t put down, I just have to keep reading. Going to bed early is currently really attractive, since I do read a lot in bed! 😉

Some evenings I have to force myself to do something else, like writing a post or yesterday I played around with ideas for a graduation card, a special order from a friend.

Anyway here the completed pages from my photo album:

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