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Since I had some left over parts from my previous tile canvas I decided to do another one. Due to the fact, that I not yet have a lot of colors – in fact I only have green and silver – I gone again with green. But it didn’t matter to me, as I find the green really stunning.

So the base was done quite quickly and I could move on to the tiles and the frame. I pulled out a lot of different embellishments I thought I could use in addition to the left overs, but as usual I ended up using different things!

One thing was clear, I wanted to add again big letters. So I checked what I had left and formed a number of words. My mind was stuck very soon to DREAM even though I could form multiple other also nice words.

The final design is almost like solving a puzzle, I kept moving the tiles and embellishments around until I thought it formed a nice picture. Once that was sorted it just came down to gluing it all on.

  • Dream Dream
  • women who create women who create
  • Flowers Flowers
  • Shell and gears Shell and gears
  • Heart with wings Heart with wings
  • Corner accent Corner accent
  • Women who create DREAM Women who create DREAM

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