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I have been quiet for a quite a while, but I haven’t stopped being creative. So I will just showcase my work without much words.

Here an autumn wreath I created by die-cutting lots and lots and lots of leaves from brown cardboard paper, beige soft paper and translucent paper. I then stamped some of the leaves with a script pattern and some Christmas stars pattern and embossed them with bronze embossing powder.

To assemble I created two cardboard rings with 24 cm and 17 cm diameter. The width of the rings is about 4 cm. I then glued the leaves on both rings and stuck the smaller ring on top of the bigger ring after all leaves where attached.

The bow consists of multiple bows from different materials on top of each other.

I don’t dare hanging it outside, as I fear the damp weather and wind will destroy it, but it looks pretty good hanging on the edge of my shelf.


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