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You probably thinking by now you getting spammed with so many new post emails from me in the last couple of day, but don’t worry, it won’t last, I am just trying to catch up a bit.

Here another art work I have done recently. Again, I was inspired by an image I saw on Pinterest and when I needed a baby present for my work colleague I thought I give it a go.

Before I even started I knew already what paper I wanted to use: the Party Animals paper pad from Kaisercraft. So the first step was to cut out a whole lot of animals and other related items. I also had a number of animal punches that I could use and the letters are cut with dies.

I used a bowl with the diameter I needed to draw a thin pencil line circle on a white 30x30cm paper.

I then started to arrange the letters and the animals. I looked through my stash and found all sorts of other little embellishments I could add like the wooden car, bicycle and bird, a red heart-shaped paperclip, buttons etc.

Once I was happy I glued the items on while erasing the pencil line. Some animals are glued on flat and others with foam tape to give them a bit of dimension and make it more interesting.

Then I was hunting around to find a matching frame. I wanted one that had a bit of depth as it wasn’t just a flat picture. I finally found one at Spotlight, but oh dear, the paper was smaller than the frame! After some thinking I came up with the border idea.

Last step was to actually frame the picture and because the frame was not a proper exchange frame but had just staples I had to pull them all out and afterwards replace them again.

I forgot to take photos before I framed it, so unfortunately they are not very clear.

Not long after I needed another present for a second colleague, also pregnant. As I knew already what I was doing I got it done a bit faster. They only difference was, that I couldn’t find the same size frame and settled for a smaller version, which meant there was not enough space for a border, but I still love how it turned out.

And again I forgot to take photos before I framed it, even I had planned it!

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