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Its finally nice and warm or better hot with temperatures around 30 degree. Last week we even had a day with 37! What’s really nice is that the nights a still quite cool allowing me to have a good sleep.

Just in time I was packing away my winter cloths and pulling out my nice summer cloths last weekend and could enjoy wearing the first pieces this week already.

Yesterday I went with some friends for a drive into the hills to a fabulous vegetarian restaurant called Genesis in the hills. We were sitting on the veranda overlooking the native garden and listening to live jazz music while enjoying fantastic food and a good glass of champagne.


I had an open sandwich with tofu. It was on homemade dark bread with kale salad, tomatoes, avocado and tofu topped with a very tasty mustard sauce and on the side a big mushroom with a different really yummy dressing.


I wouldn’t have a problem being a vegetarian with the food they offer!

Of course we couldn’t leave without having a nice coffee and a slice of their homemade cakes. They had a huge selection, I think you could choose from around 10 different cakes. I gone half half with Albrecht on a pear with white chocolate cake and a rhubarb cake. Both were to die for!

Once back home in the late afternoon I went quickly to the shops and then decided to open the beach season as it was still nice and warm at around 5:30pm. It took me a while to get into the water as its still rather cold with around 19 degrees. Afterwards I enjoyed the warmth of the sun, watching surfers and people and collecting some shells. I even stayed on to watch the sunset – something I don’t do very often. A fantastic ending to a great day.

This morning I went for disc training and afterwards I went straight for the beach for another dip in the ocean. In the afternoon I had to take a nap, as I just couldn’t focus on anything. Maybe I am getting old? I can only remember taking a nap when I was sick.
Or maybe I was so dazzled by the fact, that a girl today guessed my age at 32! 😉

During the week I had three dinners out/with friends and with yesterdays lunch I just managed to stay put at the current weight. Even so I want to loose a bit more, I am quite happy to be able to stay there and not get straight back up to the old weight when I am not dieting.

At one of dinner evenings Ben wasn’t satisfied with just ice cream for dessert, so he quickly cooked pancakes and two apples to go with it. Yum!


On the crafty side I think I won’t be able to use up all my Christmas paper and embellishments. I am up to 89 Christmas cards and it doesn’t seem that stack of paper has gone any smaller.

You may remember my stamping frenzy from last week, here you can see what I made out of the trees.


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