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Today was the big day – finally! Together with Vada I was at the Industrial Baroque “Tea for 2” Workshop held by the famous Anna Dabrowska-Pekocka (Finnabair). I am following her blog for quite a while now and I am always amazed by her designs.

When I heard she is coming to Perth to give two workshops I knew immediately that I wanted to attend at least one of them. Vada didn’t need any convincing and so I booked us in back in September 2012!

Our workshop was from 9am to 1pm, hosted by Tomorrow’s Memories in Bassendean. Since it is a bit of a drive Vada and I agreed to leave at 8am from my place. When my alarm gone off at 6am I was awake immediately and jumped out of bed. (That never happens during the week when I have to got to work!)

Once we were set up in the town hall we jumped right into it. We got a nice big pack of goodies to use in the next four hours to create one layout. It was a bit of a rush for us, as we are also not that used to scrapbooking, but the good thing was that we were forced to get our design done without thinking too much. If I wouldn’t have had the time pressure, I would still sit there now (9 pm) trying to work it out and probably only finishing in two days or so!

Finn explained one step by showing us how she does it on her own layout and then it was our turn to work on our project. With each new step you could see slowly but surely the layout coming together and we just managed to finish our layout shortly after one. Since there was another class in the afternoon, we couldn’t stay too long, but we managed to get a photo with Finn and our projects taken.


Pretty happy and full of ideas we drove towards home, but decided to go out for lunch, since both of our tummies were rumbling heavily. We did a quick detour to Spotlight and I managed to get out of the store with less than $5 spending – I think that was a first!

Anyway, after I had said good bye to Vada I sat down on my craft table and unpacked the many goodies left over from the workshop. I was eager to continue and do more craft after this inspiring morning.

I created one card and completed a mini layout in my creative 2013 diary/journal. My diary is a ring-binder book with 12 sections and various size/color pages. I make notes of thoughts that occupy my mind, doddle around, use up left over bits and pieces and now even design layouts.

I didn’t want to have a 3D layout, so I stuck to paper and rather flat embellishments. I was a bit limited, as I had started a couple of days ago and had glued some parts on, so I just had to design around it. Its definitely nowhere near to be a master piece, but I am happy with the outcome, given that I experimented a fair bit and of course, had to cover up some parts were techniques didn’t work that well.

You can see my new card, the design and various pages from my diary here:


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