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Keeping track of my creative life

You can't use up creativity. As more you use, the more you have. - Maya Angelou

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. - Joseph Chilton Pearce

Busy Bee

Gee, I can't believe it's almost a month since my last post! Well, a big change and socializing have taken it's toll on writing blog posts. So, the big change is, that I have gone back into full-time employment. I have made the decision to get more stability in my...

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Results of my Colour Session

In the last two weeks I have used my prints from my colour session. I used up all the prints except the music notes, which just didn't turn out. I think I have surprised myself - usually I am getting bored after a couple of cards and the rest gets stored away. On the...

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Colouring session

Two weeks ago on the weekend I had a mad colouring session, testing yet again a new technique: Colouring with embossing folders. So I started off and within an hour I had my hands covered in spray paint as well as I had a lot of prints, but since I had the mess...

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A special Flip it Card

I have got that template to create a accordion card with as many panels as required. So I decided it's time to use it again. I kept it all colour coordinated and used just one piece of patterned paper. The front was quite colourful while the back had the light green...

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Playing with word dies

My latest toys are some word dies and I can't stop using them! After I saw some really nice ideas on some other blogs and Pinterest I got stuck into it and now I am addicted. I started off with some basic techniques, but got more and more advanced as well as...

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Kimberley Collage

Immediately after I had finished my Kimberley photo album, I create this little collage with all sorts of items I had collected during my holiday. Most of the items were simply to big or bulky to add them into the photo album and so the idea was born to create the...

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Busy Times

It has been a busy time recently! Last weekend I helped my friend Vada move house as well as playing volleyball on Friday night and Sunday afternoon. Sadly we lost both games, but we are still 2nd on the ladder and hopefully will make the finals in a couple of weeks....

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Back to making Cards

I am so happy to be back making cards and I gone crazy straight away. First I had two square pieces of paper left over from my photo album. Both were papers I didn't really like very much and therefore had altered by spraying them heavily with Dylusion ink. The...

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Yeah, I am finished!

Finally I am finished with my photo album! Yuhuuu, I am so happy that I made it. It took me almost two months, but it was worth doing it. But now I am so ready to do cards again. Today I packed away all the unused cards and pocket pages etc. I still have a fare bit of...

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Almost there!

Three weeks after I said "half way there" I have progressed a lot and I think I have hit the last quarter of photos of the Kimberley trip. It seems to be dragging on forever, but when I just took the photos I noted, that I had done a lot of pages in the last three...

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My Favorite Day of the Year!

Yesterday was my favorite day of the Year: I was visiting the annual Quilt and Craft Fair! Sadly without my friend Vada, but this time Linda came with me. We left in the morning and at 9:40 am and came home around 5pm! So we spent the full day in there! There is...

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Half way there!

I am half way there - just started the second box of photos. Even though I would love to do some cards, I keep myself going with my photo album. I fear I won't finish it for a long time, if I put it aside now. I am mainly working on it at breakfast time. Somehow my...

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Busy with my Photo Album

Wow, I just took photos of all my photo album page and realised, that I have progressed quite a far bit. I think I am a bit more than a quarter through my photos. It may not sound a lot, but a quarter amounts to 125 photos! I have started to get more inventive and...

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I made it!

Finally after a couple of weeks of painting, sanding and more painting and more sanding I completed my new shelf and its now in its final place next to my sofa chair. I wanted something to keep all the paperwork, books and bits and pieces that I have lying around and...

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Happy “belated” Easter

That wasn't very successful! I had actually written this post last week on Easter Monday, but didn't get around to do the German translation and just simply forgot about it until today! So, here my "belated" post. Happy belated Easter everyone! Hope you have found...

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What was I thinking?

Or better why wasn't I thinking? Clearly, I was not thinking when I did my grocery shopping last weekend. I was so in the fruit mood that I purchased a rock melon, a huge water melon, a bag of plums and a bag of grapes. While I do eat quite a far bit of fruit for...

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Update on my busy life

Woohooo I am back! After 5 or was it 6 weeks, I am finally back! I had a very busy time with having a friend from Germany visiting. Because I didn't take any time off work, I tried to spend a lot of evenings and weekends with Petra. I only had some evenings I went for...

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Summer inspired cards

What could be better then just following the season, especially in summer? I have got a whole stack of paper, rub ons, stamps and embellishments and all of these reminds me of summer. Sometimes its even just the colors I am using that represents summer for me. But...

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