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Gee, I can’t believe it’s almost a month since my last post! Well, a big change and socializing have taken it’s toll on writing blog posts.

So, the big change is, that I have gone back into full-time employment. I have made the decision to get more stability in my life, especially financially. That also means now that I have to do my washing, shopping and cleaning etc on the weekend and can’t just quickly do stuff in between while working from home.

So much for the big change, but my weekends were also packed. At the end of August I went on a trip into the country with my friends to checkout the wildflowers. Look how amazing these flowers are:DSCN8747DSCN8761Over the last two weekends I have also been a very busy bee with having guests on Saturday and Sunday for both weekends. That meant a lot of cooking and of course cleaning the house and organising my craft area and clearing the table etc. I almost had to cancel the first weekend as I was getting sick with the flu during the week, but I pumped myself with medication and vitamin C and got better again.

I actually really enjoy cooking for friends – not that I am a great cook, but I think I have to seriously consider a dishwasher if I am inviting people over more often.

As usual I have also been busy creating more cards and by now I have settled into making Christmas cards only. I have pulled out my box with all the left overs from last year and was amazed that there was still so much stuff left. Last year I vowed that I am not buying any more paper until I have used up all the Christmas paper I have. And guess what, I still have plenty off it – probably enough to get me through this year’s Christmas cards as well! Which gets a bit boring, but I can always try and alter my paper with spray paint.

But before I am presenting my Christmas cards I will show a number of cards I made in the last weeks.

Thanks for stopping by.


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