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I am late again with my weekly post after I had a really busy Easter. I was out and about a lot and even had a nice drive in the beautiful country side of WA. Of course Easter or rather the public holidays were celebrated with lots of yummy food.

On Saturday I drove with my friend Knut and his parents to Cunderdin and York, where he showed us the gliding club and the skydiving place. It was a really nice drive through beautiful country.


Of course I managed to get some craft time into the weekend somehow, but overall it felt all a bit rushed. I created maybe four cards and another special journal/diary. This time I only added 15x15cm (6x6inch) patterned paper pages and stamped on each page a saying/wording. There wasn’t enough time to add further embellishments as it was a last minute project after I sold 19 greetings cards to my friend’s Knut mum Ingrid last Friday.

She really liked the cards with all the sayings/wordings and as her birthday is coming up soon I quickly put together that little book for her. Since she flew back to Germany this morning, I didn’t have much time to create it. I was in such a hurry yesterday that I even forgot to add her and my name in the To: / From: section of one of the stamps! I only remembered it when I was sitting in the car driving to my friends place, but by that time the little book was already wrapped. I had to ask her to open it already, so I could add the names. Even tough I had taken my camera with me I still forgot to take photos of the little book. So, I can’t show anything from the book! ;-(

But what I can show you is my experiment with changing patterned paper by using various paint sprays. The interesting fact was, that I discovered by accident that the back of the paper turned out to be a really cool pattern! But lets start from the beginning:

I had selected a quite colorful patterned paper with green, blue, pink, orange and purple.

Since my mission was to create a boys card, I thought I spray it with a blue color which has a brown shimmer effect.

I did give it a good layer and dried it a bit with my heat gun. However I didn’t like the outcome, so I sprayed some more orange color on it. To speed up the drying time, I put multiple layers of scrap paper on my table added the rather wet page and added two layers of scarp paper on top and then ironed the lot until it was dry. It also helped keeping the paper quite straight.

To be honest I wasn’t really that impressed with the outcome, but as I lifted the paper up I got a glimpse of the backside and was quite amazed at the outcome on this side: the original pattern was coming through in brownish/orangy color. I thought it was really cool!

What you think?

I tried the same again with a different patterned paper, but this time the actual patterned side was better.


I used a mix of both sides of the sprayed paper to create three cards. There is still a lot of paper left for more cards. Do you recognize the papers?


Thanks for stopping by.


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