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This week was again very busy with my “leisure activities”. I need more weekend!

Indoor volleyball officially starting again and Tuesday was our first training, Wednesday I played Ultimate Disc, Thursday we wanted to go to the outdoor movies, but since it was raining most of the day and in the evening we moved it. Friday we had our first summer league volleyball game which we won! Most of Saturday I did craft with Vada and then took her out for dinner to celebrate her birthday. Today we had another volleyball game and after we literally slept through the first set we finally got our act together and won the game.


Now I am sitting in my neighbors garden to keep their cat company and feeding it. Its a lovely 19 year old cat which sleeps most of the day. It has become very affectionate over the last two days, licking my hand and wanting to be cuddled. Now it is sleeping in the garden, enjoying the nice breeze and the fact, that it can be outside. Due to its age its indoors, if nobody is home, as it wouldn’t be able to defend itself against other cats.

Tonight we going to the outdoor movies and its a perfect day for it.

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