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Wow, I just took photos of all my photo album page and realised, that I have progressed quite a far bit. I think I am a bit more than a quarter through my photos. It may not sound a lot, but a quarter amounts to 125 photos!

I have started to get more inventive and also using normal paper and not just the Project Life cards. I am finding, that the cards don’t fit a lot of times and in hindsight I would have been better off to not buy the card pack and just cut cards from normal paper.

But well, I can’t change it now, hence I just have to make the most out of it and alter the cards with spray paint or stamp pads so they do fit.

After writing on most of the pages, I am also getting a bit more relaxed about the journalling bit. 😉

I have re-taken the photos for the first pages, as they weren’t very good as well as I had to fix up page 1 as I discovered I had split the word Kimberleys incorrectly! So, here they are all again, but in the future I will only show new pages.

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