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It’s been a while that I have been blogging, but my plans to be finished with creating and writing all my Christmas cards by 1.12.2014 as well as having all gifts wrapped and ready to go was simply not happening.

I can’t say that I was lazy, the opposite, I was busy making lots and lots of Christmas cards! I had a record sale of 90 Christmas cards and I struggled to keep up creating them fast enough for people to buy. Of course, I am not complaining about it, it just meant that everything else was put on the back-burner and hence I created my last 4 cards on the 18th and wrote the last card just on the weekend before Christmas.

I also still had to create the Christmas bon-bons I make every year. Since I was working up until the 24th I had to finish them on the weekend 20th/21st:

Christmas Bon-bonAnd then I remembered, that I also wanted to create some Christmas trees as table decoration, so the next two evenings I was busy making 8 trees:

IMG_0867As every year I was celebrating Christmas Eve with my dear friend Vada and her hubby Ben and like last year Natalie joined us as well.

We had a delicious 3 course meal:

For starter we had chips, home made hommus, cheese, olives and salt and pepper squid and a bottle of Moet. Main was duck with potatoes, carrots, beetroot and broccoli with a bottle of red wine and the dessert was orange Christmas pudding with ice cream followed by coffee.

By around 0:30am in the morning we finally started opening our presents and I was home by 2:30am.

I started Christmas day with a dip in the ocean before getting ready for the next party. I only had a coffee for breakfast as I knew there would be lots of food for lunch. Together with my friends Verna, John and Margaret we went to Jane and Jeff. As you can see there was far more food than people!

I hope you too had a great Christmas!



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