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Its was just a week ago since I have been to the craft show, but it feels much longer already. Probably because I have already played so much with my new toys.

This year, I was not only organised with my color charts, but also knew what things I wanted to buy and what I wanted to stay away from. As you can imagine over the years I have developed new skills and techniques and also preferences for tools, materials, embellishments etc. So a “shopping list” was developed a while ago. I even spend some time on the internet researching prices for my favorite products, so I would only buy them if the prices are good.

Even so the amount of craft stores wasn’t that great in comparison to the endless quilting stores, there was a good variety of craft shops and I almost found everything on my shopping list and a bit more. It was quite funny, each time I looked at something that was on my shopping list Vada reminded me and said: “no you don’t need this” and in reverse when Vada was looking at something that wasn’t on her shopping list I told her: “no, do not buy this”. Overall we two had a great time browsing the stalls for 5 hours. I enjoyed it very much this year. Already looking forward to next year! 😉

Here is an overview of my new goodies:


Of course on Sunday I was spending most of my day on my craft table testing my new toys.

Here is a selection of cards which are created with and/or contain some of the new goodies:


More to come soon! Thanks for stopping by.


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