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This week I tried myself on a “real” scrapbooking page, not one that will be hidden in my art journal. I was wanting to try a technique whereby you create a raised pattern on your page.

Without any plan I just started off selecting a page and a stencil and filled the pattern with modelling paste. Once done, I removed the stencil and had to wait for the paste to try. I helped a bit with my heat gun. In the meantime I looked through my stuff and found a cracking paint. So, I applied it on top of the dried modelling paste. Probably not what you are supposed to do, but hey you never know what comes out of it. Again the waiting for the paint to dry and start cracking, giving the impression of an old material. It didn’t crack that much, but it gave it a bit of texture.



I was quite happy with the outcome. Next I looked through my pre-printed photos and came across my family photo from my last holiday. I really wanted to scrap that, but realised, that the orange color didn’t really work with the colors in the photo. So what to do? Very simple I just altered the orange color by using white Gesso to tone it down and then lots of spray paint.

The same was done with all the flowers: They changed colors through Gesso and spray paint. Some changed multiple times until I was happy. I tried to use the embellishments like I learned it in a workshop in March this year, but I also wanted to add washi tape and other techniques I had seen on the internet.

I re-arranged and moved things around for quite a bit. Eventually I decided to stop re-arranging and just go with it. Of course I did a bit more moving and then took a photo as I had to take it all off again to be able to start gluing it all down. Lucky I had planned where my journalling is going – hidden behind the photo. I somehow don’t feel comfortable to write straight onto the main layout. I guess it will come with time.

The last bit was adding the words family around the page.


* Since my brother wishes that he and his family is not shown on any photos on the internet, I have distorted their faces.

I also did some cards, but not as much as I would have liked to do. But I already unpacked my Christmas stuff, so the next couple of weeks will be all about making Christmas cards.

Thanks for stopping by.


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