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Now another first for me: scrapping a photo on canvas!

Actually scrapping photos as such is new to me. I somehow didn’t think I have the right photos for that. But it all changed when I saw a beautiful canvas at the last Craft Fair in May. I was allowed to take a photo of the layout and of course I bought the required embellishments. Ever since I wanted to create this canvas, but it has taken me over 6 months to finally do it.

Since I am not working over the Christmas / New Year period I thought rights its time to get into it and immediately I knew what photo I wanted to use: My mum and me on my local beach on the last day of her visit in October 2012.

Off I went into my office and printed it on glossy photo paper. Back on my craft table I gathered my supplies and started adding them all into the design just on my big cutting mat. I got the rough idea and so I got straight into it.

I painted the canvas in a bit of a rough style with white acrylic paint, so that brush strokes can be seen. I wanted to give it a bit of a blue touch, but the spray “Moon Shadow Blue” didn’t really show any blue but more grey/brown, so that’s what it was.

The next step was to colour the embellishments. I mainly used a white stamping pad to give the wood items a white touch. What I didn’t think off at the time I bought the stuff was the difference in colour. Some where light brown, others grey, the lighthouse was more white/grey. The darker bits got multiple layers. For the edges I used a bit of light brown stamp colour.

I also colored some flowers which I didn’t use in the end.
Once the canvas was dry I did another test run on the canvas to see, how the items fit and if I put the photo in the middle or to the side. Just in case I took some photos so I can look at it again, if I can’t remember it.

Now came the hard part gluing it all down and knowing I can’t move it anymore.

For the items with only a small area to glue them (ie the swirls) I used a Gem Stone glue. It is very strong and can be applied exactly.

For the parts with bigger area and for the flowers I used Gel Medium. I applied a generous amount to it, which allows the item to be raised a bit for dimensional effect as well as it sticks well as it squeezes into the uneven areas.

I also found some dried flowers, seaweed and little sea urchins in my stash, so I used them too.

After a couple of hours I was finished and very happy with the outcome.

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