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I have been busy creating and decorating my home for Christmas. Somehow I have got a much better Christmas spirit then the previous years. Maybe after 10 years I am finally getting used to a hot Christmas?

Anyway, I wanted to share some of my handmade decorations with you.

Christmas Feather Wreath

  • Christmas Feather Wrath Christmas Feather Wrath
  • Detail of bow and glitter Detail of bow and glitter
  • Further detail of glitter Further detail of glitter

If you want to make one as well, read on. I got the idea from a lady at Spotlight and I also got all the material from there.

What you need:
1x Bamboo ring in the desired size (I think mine is 30cm diameter)
1x feather boa in white
1x spray glue
1x pack of golden glitter
1x pack of golden stars (very small)
2x rolls of ribbon your choice (I used one plain and one pattern)
1x roll thin wire
1x big cardboard box

Start with the feather boa and fix one end to the bamboo ring using the wire. Then start wrapping the boa around the ring until its fully used up. Spread it evenly so that the second end of the boa finishes where you fixed the first end to the ring.
You may want to play around a bit until you have the desired look, then fix the second end to the ring as close as possible to the other end, so there is no gap.

Depending on where you want to hang your wreath, it’s best to measure the length from the hook to where the wreath top should be hanging. Double this measurement and add another 10 cm. Cut the required length from the two different ribbons, that is if you want to do the layered style. Place one end through the wreath and then put the ends together and make a knot.

For the next step I recommend to do it outside in the fresh air. Take your spray glue, glitter, stars and the wreath outside. Place the wreath on the cardboard box face up. The cardboard box mainly serves to catch all the glitter and stars, that do not stick to the wreath.
Open your glitter and stars and place them nearby. Shake your spray glue and then start spraying from around 20 cm distance one part of the wreath. Sprinkle the sprayed area with glitter and stars. Spray the next area and then sprinkle glitter and stars and so on until the desired result is achieved. You can also spray on top of the area you already sprayed and glittered, if it is not enough.
Once you are happy use a hook or pegs and hang the wreath up for drying. Ie on the washing line.

In the meantime you can create the bow from the remaining ribbons. Layer the ribbons on top of each other and then make a bow. If your ribbon is to sturdy you can also fold the ribbon and then use the wire to fix it to a bow. (If you struggle with this part, simply google “how to make a ribbon bow” and you will find plenty of tutorials.)

When the wreath is dry, affix the bow with wire on the place where the start and end of the feather boa was fixed to the ring to cover it up. To affix it, pull the wire tide around the ring and twirl it on the back. You can pull the feather a bit around to ensure there is no gap and it looks even.

Now the only thing left is to hang it on your door.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for stopping by.

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