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That wasn’t very successful! I had actually written this post last week on Easter Monday, but didn’t get around to do the German translation and just simply forgot about it until today! So, here my “belated” post.

Happy belated Easter everyone! Hope you have found lots of yummy chocolate bunnies and eggs.

I had a nice long weekend with various activities. My weekend started off with a visit to my friends Peter and Bernie in Busselton. They had built a new house and moved there on Christmas. We all had never done the famous Busselton jetty walk (1.8km one way), so it was a good afternoon activity after the long drive from Perth. The weather was beautiful as well.

In the evening I got spoiled with a yummy lamb roast and veggies. On Saturday we went to the local markets and an art show before heading to the Easter fair in Yallingup. We enjoyed coffee and cake between wondering the various stalls and attractions. Once back in Busselton I packed up and made my way back to Perth.

On Sunday the first task was to clean my house. Once this was done I had breakfast and did some craft. In the afternoon I had to clear my table and then got ready for my dinner guests. I cooked a chicken casserole and made a big bowl of mixed salad. Ross was so kind to bring the dessert, a beautiful Lime Tart. Even Vada and Ben were impressed and this is really hard! Ben even gave it 10 out of 10 points! Despite a big main course, everybody had a second helping of the cake, even Tahereh!

I had planned to do the clean up of the dishes and glasses on the next morning, since it was another public holiday, but Ross stayed after everybody had gone and forced me to do the dishes. Of course in the morning I was glad for it!

On Easter Monday I crafted my way through the day. First I worked on my new project, then I did a quick trip to Bunnings to pick up paint brushes so I could start on the second coat of the new shelf. Somehow I had bought paint, but forgotten the brushes! Do!
I have managed to paint all of the inside of the shelf – now I just need another coat on the outside. In between painting I hoped on the computer and worked on a design for my new website. So lots of creativity happened on this day.

As mentioned last week, I am about to start on a new project. You probably know this: You don’t know where or how to start therefore you putting it off and do something else. Exactly that’s what happened! I did another big batch of coloring cards. And the crazy thing is, that I still have lots of stickers left, even after all these cards:

But I finally did start on my new project: A photo album with “Project Life”. For a long time I was contemplating what to do with my Kimberley photos and once the decision was made I printed off around 500 photos and here I am trying myself on this for me new concept of using pocket pages. It has got its challenges as well, but its good fun.

Here a sneak peak of my work area and all the cards that go with it. I laid them all out, as I found it very time consuming to look through the stacks every time I need a card.
And of course the first couple of finished pages:

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