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Yesterday I thought well, its going to be the 1st Advent today and I therefore I pulled out all my Christmas decoration stuff and decided to create an Advents wreath. Armed with pruning-shears I went out into the driveway and cut off branches from an olive tree. Well, I think it is an olive tree, but not 100% sure. Its not meant to be growing there anyway as it sticks out into my driveway.

I grabbed some wire and wrapped it around my rubbish bin to create a round base circle. Then I started attaching the little branches by rapping gold wire around it. It wasn’t a circle anymore after I had done the first branch, but as I kept going around and around it came back to a circle. I had to get some more branches as I found the wreath a bit to thin. Once I was happy with the base wreath I searched through my ribbons and decided on the red one, matching the candles. By going through all my Christmas decoration stuff I found some nice embellishments I liked. I arranged the wreath with the candles on a big plate and sprinkled a bit of golden stars and I was done. I am quite pleased with the outcome.

DSCN7169Today for breakfast I lightened the first candle.

Yesterday evening I also arranged all the little Christmas decorations mainly in the living and dinning room. Most of the items are rather small and you won’t notice them unless you look a bit closer at my shelves. The most prominent Christmas decoration is my sideboard and my shining star.

DSCN7147 DSCN7157

With a bit of modification I managed to hang it up on an existing globe. I think that works better then having it directly on the wall and tilting to one or the other side.

I also went shopping and bought already sugar, butter, flower and eggs as I am planning to bake some Christmas cookies during Advent.

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