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I have denied it for a couple of weeks, but I can’t any longer: Winter is here and it is cold!

Yesterday I finally exchanged my summer quilt for my warm winter quilt and I also started to use my heater! We still have nice sunny days and its quite comfortable warm during the day, if it is not raining, but coming home and sitting down for dinner in a house with 18 degrees is just no fun. I tried using warm jumpers, socks and hot tea, but eventually you just get sick of running around like a Michelin man.

Compared to last week I had less food and did more sport – thank goodness I am already struggling to fit in my cloth. Somehow I didn’t do a lot of craft during the week. My head is full of ideas, but I am just not getting into the action mode. I doodled a bit in my Art Journal and yesterday I pulled out a big stack of paper and other stuff and found some 3D card and picture kits which I probably have purchased two years ago at the craft fair!

Since the craft fair is coming up next weekend I thought I create and finish them. I ended up with two 3D pictures, but even though I have lots of empty frames in various sizes I didn’t have a matching frame for them – bugger. So its now going to be a larger frame which will hold both pictures and something else. I just haven’t decided yet, if it will be a photo or shells etc. I also assembled two 3D cards:



They are kinda nice, but its not very creative – almost a bit boring to make. I know I won’t buy these anymore.

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