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During all these times doing greeting cards, I always thought scrapbooking pictures isn’t for me! And I just realised how wrong I was!

Of course I had tried it and I even did a workshop with one of my favorite artists, but that was about it until last week. It all started with cleaning out and rearranging my shelf behind my creative work table. Its meant to be holding tools and material I am using often as well as the stuff I am currently working on, so my table isn’t always cluttered, but fact was, that more and more stuff accumulated and got stuffed into it and my table was cluttered as always.

So I had the big clean out, moved tools and material, that I don’t use regular into other areas and re-arranged things. During the clean up I came across a number of old calendars from my family. The original idea was to reuse them for cards. Of course this never happened and I decided to cut out the pictures I like and ditch the rest.

I also came across a little 15x15cm album I had bought a long time ago and as I was seeing a number of small pictures from my Tasmania holiday with my mum I decided at the spur of a moment to scrap them into that album. One day later I had the little album with 12 pages done. While this isn’t a masterpiece, it was a start and it was only the beginning!


I had also some larger photos from my nephews and my friend Tizz on my table and during the week I started scarping them into my art journal. Since it was “only” my art journal I also decided to use as much as possible the bits and pieces like cut out elements, stamped words, snippets of paper etc I have collected in a box (the true scrapbooker doesn’t trash anything). Naturally I also used my current favorite tool: spray paints. And I am really happy with the outcome and feel like doing more.


So, what was it that was holding my back all this time?
Just the simple fact, that I haven’t had any printed pictures on my table, waiting to be scrapped!

Thanks for stopping by and I would love to read your feedback.


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