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Finally after a couple of weeks of painting, sanding and more painting and more sanding I completed my new shelf and its now in its final place next to my sofa chair.

I wanted something to keep all the paperwork, books and bits and pieces that I have lying around and need every now and then. I also wanted something to store my laptop in when I don’t need it and of course I needed a spot for my tissue box, since I am always in need of tissues 😉 So I played around with ideas and designs and ended up with this structure. Since its not very deep I had the idea of sliding the laptop in on the side and to avoid a big board going across the front I had the lattice idea. Its not the same pattern as the little round table, but it does sort of make it a bit lighter and airier me thinks.

I still love the little round table – a gift from my mum, it was just never enough space for all my stuff. So the idea was to have something additionally for all the stuff and have the little round table just for holding a drink and/or a plat of food.

While the idea from my carpenter to add sliding shelves was great for painting, I had to sand the groves a lot to get the boards back in after I had painted them and as you can see, there are quite a lot of them. Of course there was paint running into the groves too! But I finally made it and I really love it.

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