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Immediately after I had finished my Kimberley photo album, I create this little collage with all sorts of items I had collected during my holiday. Most of the items were simply to big or bulky to add them into the photo album and so the idea was born to create the collage.

Originally I wanted to colour the picture tray first and make it more fancy, but when I started playing around I really liked the grey-brown colour and decided to leave it. Also I had for most of the items the location written down on a little post it and I felt I should make use of it since I was so organised. But all my ideas of fancy labels just didn’t do it and eventually I settled for some simple pencil handwriting, so that the focus stays on the various objects.

Kimberley Collage Kimberley Collage top Kimberley Collage middle Kimberley Collage bottomThanks for stopping by.




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