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The last couple of days I sorted through one of my shelves and found an unfinished project I started ages ago! I also found lots of nice pictures I have cut out of old calendars etc. As the project was a beyond-the-page calendar I thought right that fits perfectly for this time of the year, I will create the calendar for 2013!

Originally I had planned to use patterned paper with sea designs, but I didn’t like it anymore when I was looking at it now. The decision was made pretty quickly when I found some nice lighthouse pictures. I think they were even from an old calendar originally.

The pages were already painted in various colours, so I just matched the pictures to the pages, added some rubbons and stamped a saying on each page. I finally got to use my calendar stamp set. It allows to stamp any month with the correct days so it is independent from years. I finished it off with adding a bit of embellishment and ribbon and I was done.

I better start cleaning my craft table and transform it into a dinning table in readiness for my guests tonight.

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