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Since I had friends over for dinner last weekend I had to clear my craft table and I thought it might be time to show off my craft area again while it is still nice and organized. So I have taken some photos last Sunday.

I am still very fond of my beach style furniture and can’t imagine anything better. Of course I have re-organized certain areas of the shelves and I am sure I will keep on doing it from time to time to suit new tools and my ever changing creative workflow.


Funny enough I always end up with a fully covered table after a couple of days. I keep pulling out materials and tools I want to use and it sort of piles up. It would be easy to just put the materials and tools back on their spots, but it sometimes just doesn’t work and would break or block my creative flow. Or I am running out of time in the morning and just decide to leave everything to run off to work …

Today I had 4 friends over for craft and besides cleaning my table I added another trestle table, so we all had enough space to be creative. It was great fun watching everyone working on their own project, sharing tools, helping each other with ideas and tools and nibbling on all sorts of yummy food. Everybody brought something and we had a real feast.

Here a couple of cards I have created during the week and today. At the moment I am trying to create cards for boys/men and beach-themed cards.


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