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Wednesday morning at 8am I wake up from the ringing of my mobile phone. I am too sleepy and I can’t be bothered jumping out of bed, so I let it ring. Curiosity won once I heard the voice mail beep, so I got out of bed and listed to it: “Just to let you know, that we are around 30 minutes away from delivering your furniture.”

Ahhh, that is one day early and I am not ready!! I was bright awake now! Immediately I had to think about my blog from yesterday: “… hurry up delivery man!” Isn’t it funny, he must have read it!

I quickly put some cloth on and moved the smaller furniture away and cleaned the floor. Thank god I had emptied all out in the last two days.
There was no way that I could disassemble my big cabinet before they coming, so I prepared some rugs for the new furniture, which allows me to easily push them around.

The moving company delivered all five pieces and I got them to put them down in the way I had planned it, except for the 2 pieces to replace the big cabinet.
Once they were gone I call my friends Albrecht and Knut and they could both come over and help me dismantle the big cabinet. We then place the remaining pieces on their spots and stepped back.

Hmm, that doesn’t look right somehow! All five pieces are individuals and also all are different. So we discussed how we can rearrange them. We tried one option, but it didn’t look much better, so we tried another way and still weren’t satisfied. We shuffled around again and it worked this time.

My friends took off and I started filling my shelves and cabinets with my craft stuff again. I had already sorted out a bit and put items aside, which I don’t need anymore. I still had to re-juggle some boxes and I probably will re-organise it again in the future until I am happy with everything. Only when I will use my craft items, I will know, if it works or not.

But for now, I am very happy to have it all in place and have finally a nice looking craft room with my favorite beach style furniture!

  • My new Craft / Dinning room My new Craft / Dinning room
  • lots of shelfs and storage lots of shelfs and storage
  • all in the beach / white wash style all in the beach / white wash style
  • little details to match the style little details to match the style
  • my flower collection my flower collection
  • this is the opposit corner with my living area this is the opposit corner with my living area


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