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Happy New Year 2013! Hope this year will be a fantastic one for all of us.

This year I have set myself a couple of new years resolutions that I would like to share with you. I have written them all down and still working on displaying it somewhere in my craft area, so that they are always present and I will hopefully be able achieving them all.

So here it goes:

¥ Be Creative every day
¥ Blog weekly
¥ Write a Card a week
¥ Loose weight

Be Creative every day should be the easiest task. I love sitting on my craft table and often start the day there while I have breakfast. I will have to allow for a holiday break though, but otherwise should be easy.

Blog weekly will be a small challenge. I will have to talk about something for 52 times this year. Hopefully I will create lots of craft projects!

Write a Card a week should be easy. One of the reasons I have chosen this is that I have such a large amount of cards I have created. I thought it will be a nice way to get in touch with family and friends and at the same time reducing the number of cards or should I better say make space for new creations?

Loosing weight is the most difficult resolution. I am carrying these additional 5 kilos for quite a while. They have snug up on me in the last 10 years slowly but surely and even thought I have done lost of sport, I couldn’t manage to get rid of them.
I guess my love for chocolate doesn’t help as well as getting older and having my hormones going a bit crazy. Anyway, I am just about to finish off all the chocolate and cookies I received for Christmas (and trying not to add another kilo) and then I am going on diet. No sugar and no fat. Of course it won’t be always possible as I will go out with friends or invite friends, but that is okay – I think, I hope …

Latest by the end of the year, I will report back and hopefully will be able to say “I achieved them all”.

What are your new years resolutions? I would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks for stopping by.

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