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Well, its that time of the year again, where you may set yourself some goals you want to reach. A lot of people say, new years resolutions are a “first week January to do list”, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

Of course it depends a bit on the type of goal you choose, but I think if you also choose some nice ones along side some harder ones it is manageable and after all its about you and what you want to do and achieve.

I wasn’t really thinking about my new goals until recently, but I put some notes down and with this post I am going to fix them for 2014.

Here we go:

Number one will be taken over from last year, as it is something I love doing and want to keep doing: “Be creative every day”

Number two will be a hard one: “no procrastinating with emails! Answer emails within 14 days”
While I do like computers, I am sitting on it for most of the day during the week and I find it hard to keep up answering emails in my leisure time. I think sometimes I just need to relax a bit and be happy to send an email back without having written a full story about my life.

Number three: “to keep watch on my new weight and stay down and even loose this one more kilo to get to my personal “dream” weight”.
Since I have managed to stay down over the last couple of weeks despite all the food and cookies I am not too worried about achieving this. I even have asked myself in the last couple of weeks why it has taken me so long to realise, that it isn’t that hard after all by just eating more healthy.

Number four is rather on the fun side again: “Inviting friends over to my place once a month”.
I am always thinking I am not as good in cooking like most of my friends, but when I do have friends over it has always turned out to be good. And I have a number of friends I am thinking of inviting for a long time already, but I haven’t got past that thinking point!

And the last one number five is “to be more strict with starting work in the morning”, especially if I am working from home. I sometimes get stuck at breakfast on my craft table and its getting rather late by the time I start work, which in return means, I am finishing work late.

So, I think these are plenty to work on for me. To make sure, I am not forgetting my new years resolutions I am printing and displaying them somewhere in my craft area.

And here is the motivational quote for all new years resolutions:

DSCN7502You may asking now what’s happening with my blog since I haven’t added weekly blogging back into my resolutions:
I will keep on blogging, but I think I want to change it a bit. Maybe splitting my posts into the various crafts instead of a weekly review? To be honest I haven’t thought it through yet, but will see.
Anyway I have plenty of craft stuff from the last couple of weeks I haven’t shared with you yet, so keep watching.

And what are your new years resolutions?

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