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Last weekend was quite busy with my workshop and then on Sunday volleyball and dinner at a friends place and with Monday being a public holiday, I invited friends over and therefore spent most of the day in the house cleaning and cooking etc.

During the week I have been busy working on a new project which I can’t tell you about yet, so I will show you two of my older projects I haven’t blogged about.

One is an idea, I picked up around Christmas and it is about getting all your Christmas cards you have received into a nice little booklet – of course only after Christmas and the proper displaying – so you can flip through it and have it as part of your Christmas deco the next year. I just use a normal office hole punch and added 2 rings to hold it together. I created a cover page, as I am planning to go through my stash and do the same with all my x-mas cards from the previous years. I am also planning the same with my birthday cards too.


The other project is a scrap booking layout I created when I started to clear away my Christmas paper and embellishments. Since they don’t have a proper place in my craft shelves, I have to pack them into a box and its basically out of sight until its time again to make Christmas cards.

I had a couple of angel pictures lying around and originally thought I would use them for cards, but when I packed, I realized I hadn’t used even one of it. So somehow I got drawn to the idea of making a scrap booking page – something I am normally not doing at all. I used up a bit of x-mas scrap, added some flowers, ribbon, some dried sea weed, wire and beads and that’s what I ended up with:


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