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This will be a short quick update on my busy life. I am not having enough time to do all the stuff I want/should do, so this week my post will suffer a bit.

What happened in this last week: I have been to two more Perth festival events and also to the outdoor movies. I played a game of ultimate disc and went for volleyball training and I was catching up with friends last Sunday night as well as yesterday after my shopping.

I would have had some times yesterday evening, but since I was so busy during the week I yearned to do some craft. It wasn’t helping either that I was reading half of the night and therefore got up late. I also needed urgently to clean my house – it was well overdue. So, now I am all done and already late again. I want to catch up with a friend for coffee and then I have been invited to see my friend Vada for dinner.

Here quickly the cards I have managed to create either at breakfast or yesterday evening. As you can see, I have moved on from rubons – even though I still have them on my table – to a new favorite: banners!

I can tell you right now, it won’t last, as I am going with Vada to a craft workshop next Saturday. We are both already excited to learn new techniques and hopefully come home with a beautiful project.


Enough I gotta run. Thanks for stopping by.


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