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This year again time has flown by.  Here my highlights:

Bavarian and Australian Christmas

Last December I had Verena and Michi visiting me from Bavaria. Due to my busy lifestyle I didn’t get around to decorate my home, but Verena – with help from Michi –  was helping out and had done a marvellous job.

On the 24th we enjoyed traditional bavarian dishes which Verena and Michi had brought: Weisswurst (white sausage) and Leberknoedel (liverdumpling) soup

In the evening we celebrated German Christmas in my new garden with yummy food, presents and Christmas carols. Don’t worry, I won’t show you the video.

On Christmas day my friends Vada with Charlotte and Ben and Natalie joined us for a delicious lunch in the garden. 

Snorkling with Sea Lions

was a day trip to Jurien Bay with my friend Adrian and another one of his friends. A boat trip brought us to a little island close by the beach, were lots of sea lions had a snooze. We all jumped in the water and snorkelled around and after some time a view of the sea lions got curious and swam around us. Most of them however were rather lazy, but nevertheless it was a fantastic experience.

A long weekend in Margaret River

After our trip to Wave Rock the year before was such a success we immediately made plans to go to Margaret River for the long weekend in January.

We enjoyed 3 days of yummy food, fantastic weather and lots of biking around. We did one long bike trip to the next little town. Most of it was on the old rail way track through wonderful forests. 

On the last day we visited a pottery I had found in a brochure and I became the proud owner of a huge wonderful shell bowl.

Sculptures by the Sea

In March I visited the sculptures by the sea. I love seeing all the different pieces of art that are exhibited every year. 


This year, my trip to Germany was based on the wedding of my nephew Raphael and his girlfriend Christina. It was fantastic to be able to join them on their special day. 

Reunion in Leipzig

After 12 years I finally managed to have a reunion with my good friends Melanie and Carola in Leipzig. I am sure you can imaging how much talking was going on with three girls that haven’t seen each other for a long time! And with every additional Cocktail the giggling got more. We even toasted to the good old times with B52s! 

Trips in Germany

Of course I did multiple trips with my mum and my siblings and their families, ie we went to a pottery market, a little mountain called Hoher Peissenberg, to Munich for a shopping trip and a couple of times we enjoyed yummy food in a beer garden.

Yoga and eBike

After one year of going to the Fitness Centre I started to ask myself why I am forcing myself three times a week to do something I don’t enjoy?

So I cancelled and started Yoga again. In August I even did a beginners class. I had so much fun that I am now going 2-4 times a week.

As additional fitness I wanted to do more bike riding and hence I bought myself an eBike. Now I am using it most weekends to do all sorts of short and longer trips: beach, massage, markets, shopping etc and it is so much fun.

Courses on the East Coast 

In October my company sent me to do two courses over east. 

I had 3 days in Brisbane, but of course I had only time in the evenings to have a look around.

In Sydney I had a total of one week. First I spent 3 nights with my old friend Carl and his girlfriend Roberta. We did some nice walks with their 3 little dogs and just enjoyed the beautiful weather and looked around locally.

On the weekend I stayed in the city and did the usual tourist attractions. Monday and Tuesday I had my course and on Wednesday I flew back home.


A special treat was a day trip with a private yacht to Rottnest by invitation from my friend Kat. It was super relaxing and enjoyable day.

The usual Activities

By now, my weekly movie visits with my friends Albrecht and Ross are a given. During summer we visit the outdoor movies and in winter the normal movie theatre. Any guests are always introduced to the outdoor movies as it is such a beautiful event.

A view weeks ago I started the beach season. On Saturday and Sunday mornings I ride to the beach and I am always very happy that I don’t have to join the long line of cars that are crawling through the car park, waiting like vultures for a car park.

A year after my garden overhaul everything is growing nicely. I spent usually around 1-2 hours on maintenance every weekend, but it is fun because everything is looking good. I am definitely spending more time sitting in the garden and enjoying it. My Proteas had this year around 90 flowers!

I hope you enjoyed this little review. 

Wishing you a magical Christmas and a fabulous, exciting and healthy New Year 2020.

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