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When I woke up this morning I was thinking about my weekly blog and what I could blog about. I have been doing quite a lot of craft stuff, but nothing really I can talk about – no finished project to show.

I am currently participating in the “Creative Jump Start 2013”. Its a daily blog from various artists showing all sorts of techniques. So I have of course tried myself on a couple of these techniques and created a big mess on my craft table and I got a lot of new ideas, but as I said, nothing finished yet.

So I was pondering what to write about, but it sorted itself when I went to the beach this morning. I noted immediately that there were quite a lot of shells freshly washed up on the beach. So, once I came out of the water I started looking around and I couldn’t believe it when I picked up the first pheasant shell. According to my shell books they are found in South Australia and Tasmania, but not in WA! As I kept looking I found more and also Bubble Shells, Scallops and some very colorful blue mussels. I just couldn’t believe it!
For the last 10 years I have almost gone every summer weekend to my local beach and have never found Pheasant or Bubble shells here in Perth. Of course there were plenty of the usual clams there as well, but I didn’t need to pick any of these today.
As you can imagine I went home very happy with my bag full of colorful shells.

Actually I had some weeks ago already an interesting experience. I was sitting on the beach, surrounded by people and as I looked around me to pick up some clam shells I suddenly saw a perfect Abalone Shell sticking out of the dry sand. Its a small one, around 5 cm long, but it had the same “I can’t believe it” effect.

Look at these colors:

  • Abalone Shell outside Abalone Shell outside
  • Abalone Shell inside Abalone Shell inside


For your information, the shells are only washed in fresh water, no polishing or anything else has been done.

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