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What could be better then just following the season, especially in summer?

I have got a whole stack of paper, rub ons, stamps and embellishments and all of these reminds me of summer. Sometimes its even just the colors I am using that represents summer for me.

But even though I have all the materials, I sometimes still lack inspiration. That easiest way for me to get back is to just grab a magazine or even a product catalog and find cards I like. Usually it doesn’t take long and the creative juices are flowing again.

The following cards are all a result of trying to copy designs from a catalog. While I have the catalog, I actually haven’t got a lot of stamps from this company so I just improvised with similar stamps I had.

Funny enough I had recently quite often this “oh-this-is-a-really-nice-stamp” effect for stamps I have already for ages but have hardly used. Like the birds, the city and the girl in the above cards.

The next lot of cards are beach/ocean themed cards. I got this nice surfboard stamp for Christmas together in a pack with paper and embellishments and instructions to create two cards.

There are some cards where I experimented with lots of stamps and also trying to use up chipboard shapes I have for ages. They are certainly not master cards, but it was good fun to make them and I am sure I will find an occasion, like a kids birthday or so, where I can use them.

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Products used:

Since I have created most cards earlier in the year where I didn’t write down all the products used I will have to skip it.

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