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This year seems to be the year of craft! I just done another mixed media workshop with Natalie from Artability and created a “tile collage on canvas”.

I love getting my hands dirty and play around with all sorts of material. We used two interesting tools: a plastic gift card (cheque card size) and baby wipes. The canvas was painted with color and baby wipes. For the tile base we simply mixed some Impasto Medium with brown color on a piece of paper and applied it with the gift card.

After that we added with our fingers light brown-gold and turquoise color as well as some gold patina. Every color was dried with a heat gun before the next layer was added. This also created some interesting effects, as the Impasto Medium started to bubble when it got hot.

Once we had the canvas and the tiles done we worked on the little bits and pieces that gone on top. Also here some unusual objects: glass fuses, a rusty nail, diodes, gear wheels, fabric and lace, a plastic egg, flowers, wool, beads, music notes, words and chipboard.

Each item had to be altered somehow, either with color, cutting, fraying, embossing, shaping etc. We worked our way from top to bottom, creating one tile at a time. I run out of time at the end, so I just finished all the individual tiles and glued them onto the canvas at home.

I actually tried to take photos from the various steps, but half way through the workshop I just forgot about it.

  • The finished Canvas The finished Canvas
  • coloring the tiles coloring the tiles
  • Impasto Medium Impasto Medium
  • adding light brown-gold adding light brown-gold
  • adding turquoise adding turquoise
  • preparing the chipboard preparing the chipboard
  • adding words adding words
  • nearly finished nearly finished
  • the finished canvas the finished canvas

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