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The week flew past and its time for another post. Since I started my sport activities again, I am finding less time for craft and other private stuff. And since I am still waiting for my big Lotto win, I have to keep working 5 days a week. 🙁

So, I am back into Ultimate Disk, running around and hopefully gaining some fitness rather sooner then later ;-). I got thrown in the deep end when I was asked to play a tournament on the beach last Sunday. Weather forecast was 42 degrees, but lucky it didn’t get quite that hot. And very lucky we had Ken’s 12 year old son Luke jumping in and being our third “girl”. Gee, he had lots of energy and kept on running while Sue and I swopped to have a break.

Now we are back on the grass field and we had already our first game of the new league last Wednesday.

I also did a first trial with volleyball and my thumb held up quite good. I now have to keep going as try outs are already scheduled for the 3rd March and I better show some skills otherwise I will drop another division.

In addition to all the sport we have currently the Perth Festival on and together with my friends Ross and Albrecht we had booked a number of tickets. We already went to the Three Penny Opera, a Ballet and a performance inspired by a painting. Of course we also went to the outdoor movies.

So, my social life is very busy, but somehow I still managed to squeeze some craft time in. Mainly in the morning when I have breakfast.

At the moment I am on the trend of using up all sorts of rub-ons and other embellishments I have already for a long time. I have created a range of similar cards by using the same technique, but through the various designs of the rub-ons, they all look different. Another for me new technique is to incorporate gesso and ink sprays in my cards.

For the last card in the slideshow below I used lots of letter stickers in various colours. I stuck them in the different directions onto a piece of cardboard, then covered them completely with gesso. Once the gesso was dry I used a purple ink spray and because I thought the colour wasn’t dark enough I inked it with dark purple. The different shading of the letters comes from the original colour, which I think is actually quite a nice effect.

Another project I started yesterday was to enhance some old cards I have created many years ago and are not quite up to the design standard I am on now. Since I still want to send these cards out, I upgraded them and they are now more in line with my current skills.

The aim for the next couple of weeks and months – it will take me months I am sure – will be to use up the tons of rub-ons, stickers and embellishments I have for so long. Of course I have used them in the past, but only one piece now and then and it didn’t seem to make any impact.

So, enough for this week! Have fun looking at some of my new cards:


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