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This week I was going from one dinner to the next and in between some lunches! Crazy!
It started with a casual dinner at my friends place on Monday night, then going out for dinner with friends on Wednesday for my birthday, going for our regular meal on Thursday after the movies, then having a work lunch on Friday for my colleague’s and my birthday, followed on with a dinner at my place with some friends on Saturday and going for lunch short notice today with two friends.

I think I now seriously have to start with a diet to get rid of some of these unwanted kilos. Summer is coming and also the end of the year is not too far. You may not remember, but there was this New Years resolution of mine, that said to either loose weight or every piece of cloth I can’t fit into by the end of the year 2013 has to go! Well, I haven’t gained weight, but I haven’t lost any either, despite the fact that I have cut down a lot on sugar intake. I actually have the feeling my weight has shifted around again and is concentrating more and more on my hips, tummy and bum. I feel my jeans are tighter and uncomfortable, which will make it even more difficult to fit into some of these cloths in my wardrobe.

So, whats the plan? Eating less fat and less sugar. I am doing my regular sport anyway and hopefully with summer coming I will go for swims or better “wave hopping”. And if nothing helps, I will just have to sort out my wardrobe and some of my friends will be very happy.

Despite all the lunches and dinners I also went to the movies, did the usual house work and shopping and a big clean up of my garden as well as I managed to make more Christmas cards. And I was alsol working of course.

I didn’t get quite as much cards done as last week, but I am happy with my 14 new editions.


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