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Live is pretty busy at the moment since I started a couple of weeks ago playing Ultimate Frisbee/Disc with the Fear Club in addition to playing volleyball.

It is good fun and lots and lots of running! My fitness has improved dramatically after having spent a very lazy summer.

On Wednesday evening I played my second Frisbee game of the season and for the first time I intercepted the disc just before the other opposite team player could catch it to score! I was very happy and proud of myself! I even managed later in the game to catch the disc and successfully pass it on to one of my team mates. I have still lots to learn, but at least I feel I am not only running around like a headless chicken.

The volleyball summer league has also just started last weekend and is running for three weeks with games every Friday and Sunday. So far we have a score of one loss and one win and we seem to get better and more accustomed to playing together. In addition the official training for the Winter PVL season has started too.
So my week looks like:
Tuesday volleyball training, Wednesday Ultimate Frisbee game, Friday volleyball game, Sunday morning Ultimate Frisbee training, Sunday afternoon volleyball.

That means not much time for craft at the moment, but I am sure I will catch up on craft over Easter.

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