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Or better why wasn’t I thinking? Clearly, I was not thinking when I did my grocery shopping last weekend. I was so in the fruit mood that I purchased a rock melon, a huge water melon, a bag of plums and a bag of grapes. While I do eat quite a far bit of fruit for breakfast, there was no way I would eat my way through that amount of fruit in one week! I managed the rock melon as well as most of the plums and half of the grapes, but until yesterday I hadn’t even cut the water melon. So yesterday I finally tackled it and cut it up. I was so much, I couldn’t fit it all in my big Tupper ware. There is still a wedge in the fridge!

Today I played my first game with my new club. Strangely enough it was against my old club. It was all the way really close and all sets finished with only a couple of points differences. We won the first, lost the second and third and won the forth after defending already some match points. In the fifth and deciding set we made a good start and got quite a bit in front, but somehow we couldn’t keep the advantage and finally lost the set 13:15. A bit sad, but it was a great game and good 2.5 hours of playing. Such a difference to the lower league I played the last two years.

Yesterday I spent most of my day outside. It started with a swim in the ocean – the water is beautiful – and then I finally forced myself to re-pot some plants. It was well overdue and I had to pay the price for it. The roots had either grown through the hole into the ground or the entire pot was filled with roots and I really struggled to get them out of the old pot and also to separate the roots or the roots where too much and didn’t fit in the new pot, though bigger, but round and the old pot was square.

One of my pots had started to grow a palm a long time ago. By now there where three palms growing in addition to the original plant – not sure what it is. Now every plant has got its own pot again.

I also started sanding my new shelf so the final coat can go on. That will be my job for the long Easter weekend.

Of course I have created new cards as well, mainly for breakfast but sometimes a quick one in the evening. After some random creations with paper I had lying on my table I sort of re-discovered the coloring technique with outline stickers. Since I still have tons of stickers I thought its a good way of making at least a dent into my sticker supply.

I also have a new project on my table, so watch this space.

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