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Finally I am finished with my photo album! Yuhuuu, I am so happy that I made it.

It took me almost two months, but it was worth doing it. But now I am so ready to do cards again. Today I packed away all the unused cards and pocket pages etc. I still have a fare bit of cards left, not sure what I am going to do with it. I guess I didn’t use as many cards on each page as they suggesting, instead I added more photos. I also used more and more of my normal paper instead of the cards. So here the rest of the pages:

I did do one card last weekend, as a friend asked me for a graduation card. She even supplied most of the material, so I just had to come up with the idea.

DSCN8452And very exciting – for me – I found a shop that sells real Vienna sausages! Gosh, was I excited when I found them in the shop. Of course I was a bit suspicious, thinking they may not taste as good as the look, but they are really, really yummy. I bought 4 so called “Frankfurt Vienna” sausages. I have no idea why they put the two cities into the name, but hey look, doesn’t it look great together with my homemade bread?

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