About meRegine

Unique handmade greeting cards

All my cards are unique and handmade. Even though I sometimes try to replicate a card, it never turns out the same, as I either haven’t got the same products anymore or I get a different idea while I make it.

I normally do not offer mass production of cards, but I am happy to do it if requested. Of course the fun is to let my creativity flow and create something new every time. The prices for my cards don’t actually cover the amount of time I  spent on it, but its fun and I absolutely love it. My prices are set to cover the cost of materials and postage.



How it all started

I got hooked on the 20th July 2005, when I went for a card making class with my friend Jude. Ever since I have a great passion for creating cards.

At the beginning we just met for some card making sessions every now and then. Of course I bought some tools and materials and collected bits and pieces from daily items that could be used.

My Craft RoomAs time passed, my tools and materials increased as well as my passion. Since October 2009 I have a dedicated room for my craft hobby.

Mid 2010 I started the project “a card a day” and since then created a huge amount of greeting cards all waiting to be filled with words and posted to loved ones.

A number of cards are regular posted to my family and friends, but there are now so many cards, that I can’t possibly write in them all, especially with the ongoing creation of new cards.

For around 2 years friends told me to sell my handmade cards. Finally in early 2011 I have taken the time to set up this online store with all my current available greeting cards.



Nuts on Shells

You probably asking why Nuts on Shells, when I sell greeting cards?

My passion is also extending to shells. After a long break I have finally started again to created art with shells. You can read more about it in my blog.

The main reason why I have used the name is, that I had this domain name for ages already and I love the name, so I thought why not use it.