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Keeping track of my creative life

You can't use up creativity. As more you use, the more you have. - Maya Angelou

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. - Joseph Chilton Pearce

Regine’s Review of 2018

This year couldn't go fast enough for me - at least for the first 6 months - but lets start with a review of my last Christmas. I stepped on a plane to Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania 5 days before Christmas to visit my friends Jude and Jon. All I had to do was...

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Regine’s Review of 2017

Another year gone by in no time and still lots has happened. Lets start with Christmas 2016: I celebrated my first Christmas back home with my family in Germany since I migrated to Australia in 2002. Of course my visit was jam packed with spending time...

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Regine’s review of the year 2016

This year gone by like a whirlwind and had a couple of interesting surprises in store! I clearly can remember the idea I had at the end of last year: Between Christmas and New Year I will fix the corner of the ceiling in my living room, where paint is hanging down! So...

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Regine’s review of the year

I can't believe it, we are already in December again und of course I am in "Christmascardcreationstress" like last year! But let's start at the beginning. The year started quiet and relaxing. Just the usual activities like going to the outdoor movies with my friends...

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Using up scrap

Recently I went through a bag with all sorts of matching papers. I decided to take it apart and file the papers according to colour into my stash. However it also had a lot of pretty pattern scrap coming with it: just strips, squares and circles. I can't bring myself...

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Fancy border die cuts

Some time ago I went for a craft session to my friend Vada. That was quite a challenge for me as usually Vada comes to my place and hence I have got all my supplies on hand. This time I had to pack a bag with things I may want to use. I had a full basket of stuff with...

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Cards with Quotes

I do have to say I love quotes and I struggle to walk past a stamp set with nice quotes. I always find myself drawn to them and end up buying them 😉 But hey, life is short and since I am not spending a lot of money on other things like cloths, shoes, bags etc. I...

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Cards, cards, cards

After creating lots and lots of cards, I thought I showcase some of them. Funny enough, every year when we go into autumn I suddenly get the urge to create cards with beach, shells, summer and nautical themes. I guess its my way of trying to keep the summer a bit...

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Baby Collage

You probably thinking by now you getting spammed with so many new post emails from me in the last couple of day, but don't worry, it won't last, I am just trying to catch up a bit. Here another art work I have done recently. Again, I was inspired by an image I saw on...

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Christmas 2014 Album

Wow, I almost forgot about that I made this album in January and February. It's like a mini scrapbooking album with photos from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It is a spiral book with pages in various sizes and designs and it had already the Christmas design paper...

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Shadow boxes

I bought some shadow boxes in one of the craft fairs ages ago and as they were just hidden in my cabinet I almost forgot about it. Some months ago I saw a design on the internet that triggered my mind to pull out these shadow boxes and finally fill them. The first box...

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Autumn Wreath

I have been quiet for a quite a while, but I haven't stopped being creative. So I will just showcase my work without much words. Here an autumn wreath I created by die-cutting lots and lots and lots of leaves from brown cardboard paper, beige soft paper and...

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Valentine Cards

wombat January is almost over already! Time is flying again. I made some Valentine cards over the weekend. When I looked through my stash I found heart stickers in four colours. Each sticker sheet has six hearts in various sizes. After I created one card and I really...

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Exciting News

Last year in September I submitted some cards to a magazine for publication. I had already forgotten about it when I got an email back, that they wanted to publish one of my cards! I was very excited until I realized, that the card they wanted to publish was sold to a...

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Christmas review 2014

It's been a while that I have been blogging, but my plans to be finished with creating and writing all my Christmas cards by 1.12.2014 as well as having all gifts wrapped and ready to go was simply not happening. I can't say that I was lazy, the opposite, I was busy...

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Regine’s Review of the Year 2014

This year was rather quiet and uneventful Ð I guess it doesnÕt have to be always like a roller coaster. Christmas 2013 and the change into the new year 2014 was celebrated with good friends. Christmas was even celebrated twice on Christmas eve and Christmas day....

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Real Scrapbooking

or maybe better card making on a budget! Last weekend I saw a card with a nice design and thought I could try this and suddenly I had the idea to use up the tons of Christmas paper offcuts I have collected over the years. As a true "crafter" I can't part with any...

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Public Holiday

I love public holidays! Not only do I get a day off, but I am now also paid for it! Yuhhuu! Since I didn't have any plans this long weekend I enjoyed a lot of time on my craft table, just doing cards 😉 I know I am a bit crazy, but hey I am enjoying life! And I am...

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