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I am so happy to be back making cards and I gone crazy straight away. First I had two square pieces of paper left over from my photo album. Both were papers I didn’t really like very much and therefore had altered by spraying them heavily with Dylusion ink. The outcome was really great – I think this is my new secret to using not-so-nice paper. Both papers had a glitter pattern that didn’t take to colour and it created a great effect. I especially like the orange paper:

DSCN8491 DSCN8492Next up was a graduation card. As you know I had to make one for a friend recently and I had quite a bit of leftover material. Funny enough I realized that I have a friend who just graduated! So this was just perfect:

DSCN8493Then somehow I started with making Baby/Kids cards – even though I don’t have anybody to send them to! It sort of just happened when I pulled out my gold outline stickers in an attempt to use up old supplies I have already for ages. Of course it didn’t take long until my table was covered in all sorts of baby and kids related stuff and I gone a bit crazy.

The first four photos are “flip it” cards:

Of course I have moved on to different themes by now, but more about it next time.

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