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I sort of started to prepare a bit for the craft fair this week. I created color charts of all my stamping pads and other paint mediums. They are also quite handy when I need to find a matching stamp pad for the project I am working on.

I downloaded a color chart for Tim Holtz Distress Ink from the internet and then I thought I can design something like that for all the other brands I have. Once I had the charts ready I found a nice solid stamp that fitted twice in each box, since each stamp pad gives you two colors: dark and light. The first time you stamp with a fully inked stamp and the second time you stamp again without re-inking.

The spray paints were a bit more challenging to get into the little box each. I created a cover up for the surroundings and just left the box free to spray onto.


I was also thinking of creating a library of all my dies and punches, but haven’t really had the “brain wave” how I will be doing this. I don’t want to make a paper book, as it will be heavy and bulky to carry around (ie at the craft fair). It must be online, possibly on my webpage, for easy look up when I need it. Will see if I get this done before next weekend. So far I think I still can manage to remember all the dies I have.

Stay tuned to see all the goodies I am getting from the craft fair. Can’t wait!

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