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Just a quick post, as it is already quite late and I know, I won’t manage to do more posting until later in the week.

Of course I did some craft last week, but there is nothing ready to show or I haven’t taken photos yet. But I have been in Gingin on the weekend and have a bit to show from there.

We, Albrecht, Moritz and myself drove to Gingin and first visited the Gravity Discovery Centre. There where lots of displays with all sorts of hands on experiments on how gravity works.

The best was the tower where we were allowed to throw water balloons from! We got each 2 balloons, which we filled up with water. Since we had to carry them 222 steps up the tower I decided to go with rather smaller balloons. Once on the top we had a beautiful view around and surprisingly were completely alone up there.

We threw our first balloons all at the same time to see, if they fall the same speed despite different sizes and it sort of worked. Of course, since three different people released a balloon each you can’t get them 100% identically.

Afterwards we watched tennis balls being swallowed by a big black hole before we had a coffee break. Just before sunset we wandered along the solar system from planet to planet. On our way back we saw even some kangaroos hoping past.

Then we visited the Southern Cross Cosmos Centre next door. We got a good introduction of the universe, stars and planets before we looked through various telescopes to view Saturn, the Jewel Box Star cluster and some other stars and planets. At the end we watched a movie about a guided tour through a space ship. It was quite funny, as the lady’s hair were floating basically in all direction and she looked like a hippy from the 60th. But it was also very interesting seeing how they live up there in space and how they deal with everything.

Here some photos from our trip.


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