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Somehow this week flew by and I can’t even remember what happened?! What I do remember is, that I was doing lots of driving as well as I had lots of yummy food.

It started off with Darrin’s birthday dinner on Tuesday, followed by the end-of-season dinner from ultimate disk on Wednesday. Funny enough both were at the same restaurant. On Saturday I caught up with some volleyball girls and we had steamboat followed by tiramisu.

So I guess it was good, that we played a 5 setter at volleyball today, at least I had maximum time to work it all off again. After losing the first two sets, we got our act together and won the game! Yeah!

I started with a new client on Wednesday. When I asked what time I have to start I was told 8am and since they are based on the International Airport I had to leave home by 7.15am to get there on time. As you can image, this isn’t really me, getting up and leaving so early. Anyway I survived, but noted, that I was quite tired in the evenings and actually managed to be in bed by 10.15pm most days.

So my week currently consists of driving 3 days a week to Alfred Cove ( =25km one way) and 2 days a week to the International Airport (=35km one way). I think the driving wouldn’t really bother me, if it wasn’t for the traffic. I am easily one to one and a half hours on the road every day. It almost seems I am leaving on the wrong side of the river!

All this driving unfortunately cuts into my free time and therefore I am having less time for craft. I did manage a bit though. My favorites at the moment are spray paints. I haven’t got a lot of colors yet, but that will hopefully change soon! The yearly craft and quilt fair is coming to Perth on the weekend 24/25th May and of course my friend Vada and I are going. I hope to pick up some bargains and maybe some new techniques as well.

So I have played around with my spray paint and tags and came up with some nice designs. I also tried again the emboss resist technique with spray paint and got two cards out of it.

Unfortunately there are these times in live, where you are confronted with somebody having lost a loved one and of course you want to express your sympathy. So I created a card and while I was at it, I created some more cards. I hope I won’t need these cards myself and I can just sell them in my online store.

Here some impressions of my work:


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