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I did another NATA.Art workshop with my friend Vada. I actually gave her a voucher for her birthday and of course I had to come with her to the workshop 😉

This time I made a shopping bag. Not sure, if I will actually use it as a shopping bag or rather keep it for some more fancy opportunities. Its too nice to do simple grocery shopping with it.

Like last time I did two different sides:
One eco – lanterns – butterfly style and a lighthouse – shell style.

For the first style I combined multiple napkins with similar color scheme. I particular fancied the lanterns and the “think green” with the bike.

For the second style I worked with one of my favorites: Shells and Lighthouse. I ended up piecing various napkins styles together to create the design. I had to create the island for the lighthouse, arrange the rocks around it and piece the ocean together.

After I had the main picture done I sort of felt, something is missing. So I scanned through all the napkins and found a seagull. However part of the wings were on a bright blue background. I started cutting out all the feather tips and after a while said: “What was I thinking?” Well, I had started it, so I had to finish it. Eventually I was done and glued it on and I was very happy with the outcome. I think it fits nicely into the picture.

Have a look your self:

  • Vada designing her bag Vada designing her bag
  • first napkin glued on first napkin glued on
  • still not sure about the design still not sure about the design
  • lanterns glued on lanterns glued on
  • glueing as well glueing as well
  • finished bag first side finished bag first side
  • close up close up
  • another close up another close up
  • second side second side
  • close up close up
  • the happy crafter the happy crafter

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