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By now I have created over 75 Christmas cards! That is definitely a record for me. I haven’t done that many in any other year! And I am still going to create more.

Another record is a magical low figure I haven’t seen on my scale for over three years! Despite the fact, that I went out for dinner twice this week, I still have managed to lose another kilo.

On my craft day with my friends last week I created another bunch of cards. During the week I worked on a special card for my mum, which of course I won’t show here, as my mum is reading my blog and I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Yesterday evening I had this urge to do some stamping and so I got a bit into a stamping frenzy with two tree stamps, a gold stamp pad and a gold embossing powder. I love this powder as it has also a glitter effect. Its called Egyptian Gold.


As it was already quite late, I went to bed.

This morning I had to force myself to first do my household duties like dusting and vacuuming before I had a shower and finally sat down with breakfast on my craft table. Of course I got stuck into transforming my stamped trees into cards. By one o’clock and three cards later I had to get up and start baking muffins for my afternoon visitor. Once everything was ready for my visitor I had some more time and of course the only idea that popped up in my head was to quickly create another card.

Unfortunately I had to finalise my BAS for the first quarter today. I had already entered all invoices, but had to do the sums. Since I changed my accounting system to MYOB this financial year it took me much longer to work it all out. I also realised that I had made some mistakes and hence I had to go back through almost all records and fix them. But after everything was correct it was quite easy to get the figures out. I hope the next quarter will be much faster.

The next challenge was to submit the figures online. I am doing this for years already, but every single quarter I struggle with the login. Something has always changed. This time I think I spent around one hour just trying to login. First I had to update Java, then I got told I have to update the AusKey Software. Eventually everything was updated, but I still couldn’t login. I did all the usual trouble shooting and even so it didn’t ask for it, I did a restart anyway. Still no luck. I was already on the verge of giving up when I thought I do one last try with a different internet browser, which normally doesn’t work, and funny enough this one worked. End of the story is, that I have finally successfully submitted my BAS statement, until next quarter …

Unfortunately that has taken up most of my evening and I have no time for more craft!

Thanks for stopping by.


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